Why We Love Huge Boobs

The entire woman’s body resembles a fascinating piece of art but no part arrests our attention and imaginations as quickly as boobs especially if they are big. Unless you’re a psychologist, men have no clue why they find a woman with big boobs to be attractive. But why are we obsessed with big boobs?

Here is why you would like that huge boobs webcam

1. The first reason is psychological; big boobs means more food for your babies


Psychologists claim that men see more potential in big boobs than size. Apparently, males have evolved to associate big boobs with more milk – the bigger the woman’s breasts, the more the potential she will provide plenty of milk for the offspring. Biologically, however, the amount of milk produced by boobs has very little to do with size but more with genes and diet.

2. They feel great in your hands

Man, nothing feels nice in the palms than big succulent boobs. Even scientists admit that touching boobs, especially big boobs, is good for your cognitive health.

3. Big boobs are a sign of good health

Psychologically, men perceive big boobs as an indicator of good health. A healthy individual is highly preferable when you are choosing a mating partner. Big breasts hold huge amounts of fat and fats generally help the body withstand infections.

4. Boobs are a visual turn-on. That’s all!

Big boobs

There is probably no other good reason why we are so much into big boobs besides the fact that they signify femininity and that’s what we really want from a woman.

Heck, even Leonardo da Vinci drew big boobs when he was here, and he mainly used them as a symbol of sexiness and fertility.

If you stood in the middle of Times Square the whole day and asked every man who passed there what turns him on when he sees a man, virtually all of them will swear how big boobs sends their minds in doldrums even before they glance at the hips.