Long Distance Relationships: Ideas for Staying Close when you’re far away

So, you find yourself in a long-distance relationship. Now what? Your honey is far away and it can be scary to navigate all the challenges, from lack of physical intimacy to potential jealousy and the general sadness of missing someone. Many people think long distance relationships are doomed to fail but that’s not necessarily true and plenty determined couples have made it work. If you aspire to be one of these resilient couples read on for ideas on how to make that long distance bearable.

1. Invest in the other person and believe in your relationship

With the all the stresses and hassles of being in a long distance relationship, it’s crucial that you believe in your ability to succeed if there will even be any hope of doing so. Without a sincere investment in that other person, you will find yourself drifting away and losing the connection that you believe this might have been worth it.

If you really do want to be with that person, have faith that this can be done, even with the distance between you.

2. Build closeness

If this person is far away….make them feel close! This means regular communication, such as always saying good morning and good night. Having even a brief conversation at the beginning and end of your day will allow you to create a bridge between the lives you are living separately.


Tell them the color of your life, the everyday details, so that you don’t end up feeling like strangers. Technology allows for video chatting and you could even have dinner “together”, from time to time, by sharing a meal and conversation through your smartphone. The point is to be in each other’s lives regularly so that you don’t forget the point of why you entered the relationship in the first place.

3. Be together whenever possible

What could be better than reunion sex? If you both make it a priority, it will be possible to see each other in person, at least occasionally. Even if your loved one is halfway around the world–and certainly more so if they are only a few states away. Reuniting may require a financial investment, or navigating other challenges like work and family commitments.


But being together is the whole point of being in a relationship. If neither of you is really all that motivated to make the effort then that’s a big hint there’s probably nothing really there and you may want to move on. If you’re the real deal and you do make it happen well…. that’s where the reunion sex comes in.