Follow these tips to get laid in 2019

How was 2018 in terms of your love life? Was it the best year ever or a particularly lonely one? Whichever way it went, remember that 2019 is a new chance to live your best life, including in the romance department. If you want to get laid (and we all do!) make sure this year is everything you want it to be. Here are some tips for keeping an active love life in this new year.

1. Know Yourself

There’s nothing sexier than confidence and authenticity. Nothing will be as attractive as the relaxed, comfortable you that exists when you’re not trying to put on a front. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your best foot forward–you should! Be witty, show off your intellect, and try to impress.

But know who you are and be true to yourself. That’s going to attract the right kind of person so you won’t be wasting your time.

2. Remember that it’s a numbers game

How are you going to get laid? You have to meet someone that wants to hop into bed with you! Unless you happen to be a billionaire supermodel… it’s going to be all about chemistry and how you vibe with certain specific people. So you need to meet a lot of people to give yourself a chance for a great connection.

3. Don't ever take rejection personally

This means you have to put yourself out there. Have the patience to wade through a dating app (or two or three) but also get out there to your local bar and other events. If you see someone you like, start with hello. Meet as many new people as possible for your best shot at a sexually fulfilling 2018.

3. Don’t ever take rejection personally

If we combine tip number one with tip number two, what do we get? It means you can be yourself and you’re putting yourself out there. Therefore, it’s crucial to not take rejection seriously and don’t let it discourage you from trying to get laid. If you’re being yourself and you’re going for what you want it’s only normal for some people to not be interested. Just move on and maintain a playful spirit. Know that there is nothing wrong with you and someone else will want to enjoy you.

4. Have fun and keep it flirty

Remember that dating is supposed to be fun, and certainly flirty should be fun. Putting too much pressure on yourself to get someone into bed is just going to kill the mood. Relax and have a good time so that your potential lover can join in and want to have more fun with you. Look at dating as a chance to meet a new person and let it flow naturally. If it’s mean to flow to some fun in bed then it definitely will.

Young beautiful woman in her bed

Dating should be fun. Just worrying about how to get laid can put a lot of pressure on the other person and ruin the experience. Instead of focusing on how to get laid, look at dating as a way to meet cool new people, and see where it goes from there.